DewPonics™ is the Next Generation energy efficient modular Thermal Energy Agriculture  (TEA) system.  DewPoint Systems founder has years of working knowledge of the patented "ColdAG" technology and has culminated this knowledge into designing DewPonics™.  DewPonics™ efficiently controls the crops Bio-Thermal Energy potential and the condensation irrigation rate by using advanced remote sensor and control systems, thus maximizing thermal energy resource utilization.

dewponics farm

"Thinking out of the Box" technology is the core of DewPoint Systems products & DewPonics™ has "turned the Box inside out"
  • Modular Design
  • Energy Efficient
  • Rapid Plant Growth Stimulated by Thermal Energy
  • Precise Thermal Regulation of Planting Medium using SCADA computer sensors and controller.
  • Soil Recycling Program Reduces Pests and Improves Plant Health 
  • Grow Temperate Crops in the Arid Tropical Climates
  • Controlled Condensation Irrigation
  • Controlled Fertilizer Delivery System
  • Climate Change Resilient Agriculture System

 dew ponics farm