DewPoint Systems has extensive working knowledge of the patented ColdAG™ technology and has engineered the preproduction prototype into an energy efficient modular system called DewPonics™ representing the Next Generation of Thermal Energy Agriculture (TEA).  DewPoint Systems is actively testing and improving at NELHA Research Compound.

Strategic improvements to the DewPonics™ system include: (1) increasing the ratio of cold thermal energy to soil by 900%, (2) designing a modular system to reduce pest/management while improving economic efficiencies, (3) reducing soil volume requirements, (4) utilizing remote sensors and controllers to maximize management remotely, and (5) improving thermal efficiencies to expand opportunities to utilize a diverse array of thermal energy resources worldwide. 

DewPoint Systems is proud to offer DewPonicsTM as the Next Generation of Thermal Energy Agriculture (TEA) system.