Sandia National Laboratories further investigates DewPoint Systems ColdAG™ technology

Friday, January 30, 2015

Sandia National Laboratories further investigates DewPoint Systems ColdAG™ technology in a phase II project in 2015.

Dr. Salvador “Sal” B. Rodriguez (pictured above with son, daughter and Mr. Rich Bailey at DewPoint System’s SuperSpringAG™ grapevine demonstration at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA) Gateway Center Building (August 11, 2014)), Principle Member Technical Staff Advance Nuclear Concepts at Sandia National Laboratories, is heading experiments at their New Mexico facility using DewPoint Systems patented ColdAG™ technology. Mr. Scott Bryant, owner of Cold Thumb Agriculture is one of DewPoint System’s strategic partner companies located in New Mexico.  Mr. Bryant was a New Mexico Small Business Administration Program’s, Technical Assistance: Leverage Project finalist receiving a grant award in 2014.  The program employs assistance from Sandia National Laboratories in judging and technical critique.  

Dr. Rodriguez became intrigued with the ColdAG™ technology approach to regulating and controlling plant growth and it’s potential application to inland New Mexico climates presented by Mr. Bryant’s grant application.   Mr. Scott Bryant is no stranger to the ColdAG™ technology developed at NELHA.    Mr. Bryant served on the Board of Director’s for the founding company at NELHA that was involved in deep ocean water innovation development, the Common Heritage Corporation.  

In 2014, experiments on the ColdAG technology took place at the Sandia National Laboratories environmentally controlled greenhouse facility in New Mexico. Dr. Rodriguez found positive results growing several common agriculture plants using our patented technology, with plants growing faster and healthier than those grown under the same conditions with traditional irrigation. Dr. Rodriguez discovered one possible mechanism that enables ColdAG™ plants to key into extra the energy and nutrients needed to grow faster in our system. This discovery will be published in a peer scientific journal this year.

DewPoint Systems and Cold Thumb Agriculture are proud to announce that Dr.Rodriguez’s work has engaged Sandia National Laboratories to further investigate our ColdAG™ technology in a phase II project in 2015. This is a significant third party verification of DewPoint System’s THERMAL ENERGY AGRICULTURE (TEA) technology and it’s potential for applications from coastal to inland deserts.  Stay tuned for more info.