RainDome™ is a patented energy efficient thermal energy system that captures freshwater from atmospheric vapor. The flows a cold thermal energy fluid through multiple linear heat exchangers via siphons regulated by the ambient dew-point temperature. DewPoint Systems RainDome™ modular design allows for linear expansion to produce potable and irrigation water.

RainDome™ features include (1) scalable freshwater production using no external energy, moving parts or filtration, (2) production of cool dehumidified air for other uses, (3) utilization of effluent from OTEC and SWAC systems to further enhance energy efficiencies and savings, and (4) reliability to capture pure atmospheric water vapor 365 days/year and 24/7.

raindome raindome

DewPoint Systems’ RainDome™ Advantages:

  • Precise control of fresh water condensation production utilizing advanced remote sensor and control systems.
  • Modular design improves expansion opportunities and economics. 
  • Generates it own freshwater from secure atmospheric water.
  • Highly reliable design with no moving parts.
  • Requires no additional electricity to operate the system.


DewPoint Systems’ RainDome™ Applications:

  • Freshwater irrigation/potable water production for residential, commercial, resort, and U.S.
  • military base properties worldwide. 
  • Educational and research opportunities.
  • Utilization of waste energy from OTEC, SWAC, solar thermal, and fossil fuel electricity generation systems. 
  • Utilizes waste energy from fossil fuel electric generation systems.
  • Utilizes absorption chiller technology.