SuperSpring AG

The SuperSpring AG is an energy efficient Thermal Energy Agriculture (TEA) system that is designed for long term perennial crops. SuperSpring AG is a retooling of the pioneering ColdAG technology which
 significantly improves the thermal energy transfer and controls irrigation. 

superspringag superspringag

The DewPoint
Systems has a demonstration of the SuperSpring 
AG system that showcases Isabella wine
 grapevines at the NELHA.  These grape plants have been producing three crops per year since 1997 using exclusively cold ocean water. This demonstration is an excellent example of the potential of Bio-Thermal
Energy technology to be a disruptive technology by changing the way agriculture is traditionally practiced.   

  • Uses clean renewable thermal energy to produce secure freshwater irrigation. 
  • Produces high value nutritious and flavorful crops currently imported.
  • Creates ideal mycorrhizal environment to reduce pest and disease costs.
  • Increased growth rates to allow multiple crops of perennial plants per year. 
  • Ability to transform non-productive arid deserts into productive locations.
  • Generates it own freshwater from secure atmospheric water.