DewPoint System’s technology is based on utilizing clean renewable energy resources to enhance and control plant growth.  Our innovative approach to sustainable secure agriculture is by "Harvesting the Sky - Drop by Drop".

DewPoint Systems technology addresses global environmental issues that threaten agriculture production; climate change, impinging development on fertile lands, over use or pollution of irrigation water resources and more.  DewPoint Systems solution is Thermal Energy Agriculture (TEA). TEA has been tested at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii since 1990.  The pioneering TEA technology, “ ColdAg” was first developed at the Common Heritage Corporation’s R&D site at NELHA.  Dr. John P. Craven, Dr. Jack Davidson, and DewPoint Systems Founder, Mr. Richard J. Bailey received a U.S. Patent in 2006 for ColdAG technology.

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DewPoint Systems's energy efficient modular DewPonics™system is designed to effectively control the optimum root-leaf zone thermal differential which maximizes the plants Bio-Thermal Energy potential to increase economic advantage.

DewPoint Systems's uses clean renewable or waste low thermal energy to effectively chill soil temperature below the dew-point temperature, which  condenses water from the atmosphere providing un-interrupted secure freshwater irrigation to increase economic advantage.

DewPoint Systems's thermal energy approach to agriculture reduces many heat related disease issues while improving nutrient uptake and transpiration energy resulting in healthy, nutritious and flavorful crops to increase economic advantage.


DewPoint Systems's thermal gradient creates an ideal mycorrhizal climate which further optimizes the plant's ability to harness Bio-Thermal energy potential to increase nutrient uptake, while supporting the creation of rich soil to maintain a high quality crop to increase economic advantage.

DewPoint System's freshwater technology uses non-energy consuming siphons to effectively move large volumes of cooling fluid through a multiple expandable linear condensers to reliably produce potable freshwater to increase economic advantage.

DewPoint System's can transform non-productive arid deserts regions into intensive prosperous agriculture land producing crops using renewable clean energy resources to increase economic advantage.

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DewPoint System’s innovative thermal energy agriculture designs have proven to produce multiple crops per year which increases economic advantage.